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Matt and Andrea:
Mobile: +61 433 877 860
Email: saffron@iinet.net.au

Terms & Conditions

1) To confirm all bookings a credit card must be supplied!
(For cash jobs this is just security, it will not be
charged unless job is cancelled, see below). All credit
card transactions by us will show up with either TCA or
Town Cars Australia on your statement.
2) Deposit of 50% is required - this will usually just be
charged at the completion of the job.
3) Cancelations:
More than 24hrs - No charge
24 to 2 hours - Deposit forfieted
Less than 2 hours - Full charges apply
4) If you have any other requirements, eg. Tours, bottled
water, surprise, an esky can be provided or anything other
than a direct transfer please inform us.
5) Only handbags/manbags and other small, soft bags are
permitted inside the car (at the decression of the driver).
If you have a large amount of luggage please inform us
at time of booking so we can organise luggage transport
otherwise a taxi will be called at your expense.
6) Under requirments by law no alcohol is permitted to be
drunk in the car - it is seen as street drinking.
7) Any damage done to the car will be charged to your credit
card. Eg. Ripped seats or interiors, vomitting in car,
damage done by passengers to outside of car. In the event
that any damage that results in previously booked jobs to
be missed then you will also be charged for.
8) The drivers descion is final. If he/she diecides you are
to intoxicated, abbusive, dirty or if luggage may damage
any part of the car no discussion will be entered into.
If this means job is cancelled or extra transport needed
this will be at your cost.
9) Car is only fitted with one baby seat attatchment. We
cannot always provide a baby seat/booster seat but can
return your seat at our cost, within reason, if we can't
supply one.
10)Baby seat/booster seat incurrs a cost of $15 per item per
11)We require a towel or sheet to be placed under any and all
baby/booster seats so please inform us if one is required
and we will happily supply one.
12)Clients travel at their own risk, no resopnsibility will be
taken by the driver or the company. This includes any and
all damage to property and/or injury/death.
13)Driver will be resonsible for all loading and unloading of
luggage, this is to protect the car from any damage.
14)Quoted prices are valid for the day quoted. Prices may
change without notice. Booked and confirmed jobs will
remain at the prices agreed upon.
15)Minimum cost for any job is set by government regulations.
We have no control over this and may also change at anytime.
16)Credit cards currently incur a 10% charge, this is not
charged by us but by the company who handles the credit
card transactions, this may also change without notice.
17)All accounts are monthly and must be paid up in full within
7 days unless other arrangement have been made, no transport
will be billed to the account until account is settled,
only credit cards will be accepted.
18)Cheques will only be accepted to settle accounts.
19)Gift Vouchers are only valid for 12 months from date of
20)Gift vouchers are available for any amount and will be
deducted from the total cost.
21)Gift vouchers are only single use and must be forfeited to
the driver before comencement of job, are not redeemable
for cash and will not be replaced in the event of them
being lost or stolen.They must be kept in good condition
with voucher number, amount and other identifying markers
visible otherwise voucher will be deemed as invalid.

Prices may change without notice